Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who is the Son of Man?

The phrase "son of man" in the gospels poses a bit of an interpretive problem for readers of the New Testament. The phrase only appears in the gospels and almost always on the lips of Jesus. Quite often readers will misunderstand the phrase as declaration that Jesus is divine. Similarly, some assume that it is a messianic term that identifies Jesus as the messiah.

Those who study the Bible in the original languages, however, soon realize that the phrase signifies neither Jesus' divinity nor his role as messiah. Rather it has a couple of different meanings depending upon the context.

Mark Goodacre has put together a short, but excellent podcast looking at seven son of man statements in the gospels. He does a good job at unpacking a difficult topic. It is part of Mark's NT Pod and I think you will learn much from it. I highly recommended it!

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