Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rewriting the Bible Lecture Video

On Thursday I gave a public lecture on Rewritten Bible. My colleague, Terence Mournet, was kind enough to video it for me. Many of you were asking if it would be recorded and so here it is. It is about an hour. Enjoy, let me know your thoughts.

"Rewriting the Bible", Dr. John Byron from Ashland Seminary on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks John--
    Very helpful and insightful. Would love to see the trajectory of Jewish thought on Genesis 1-2. Maybe we might get behind Paul's assumption that creation order implies subordination and teaching limitations (1Tim 2:8-14 and 1Cor. 11:7-12. My reading of Genesis 1-2 does not immediately draw that conclusion. But if I read backwards from the premise of patriarchal assumptions it might be easy to read my assumptions into the text. Thanks for a stimulating address.

  2. Thanks Dr. Byron. I appreciated you posting this.