Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Virtual Sistine Chapel Tour

One of the great experiences my wife and I had when we were in Rome in 2000 was seeing the Sistine Chapel. We entered the Vatican Museum and made a beeline to the chapel in an attempt to beat the crowds. But there were tourists faster than us.

The chapel is a wonderful work of art in which Michelangelo depicts a variety of characters and events from the Bible. It provides many of the visuals that we still use today. And it also provides a peek at theological concepts of the time. The Judgment Day scene, for instance, still molds the way some think today.

Not everyone can or will make it to Rome. But we can all enjoy the chapel. Although it has probably been around for a while, Stuart over at the EChurch Blog has alerted me to a virtual 360 tour of the chapel. If I had seen it before I had forgotten it. You can look at the entire chapel and use your mouse to zoom in and out on specific sections. There is even some appropriate music playing in the background. It can be found on the Vatican website.


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