Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Bible Around the NET

There is always an interesting if not odd story about the Bible someplace on the internet. Here are some links to a few things that caught my attention.

The Jewish Daily Forward asks what Christians should call the "Old Testament." Understandably, many Jews object the designation of "old" for their scriptures.

A new English translation of the Bible is called "The Voice." What makes it unusual is that it doesn't contain the names/terms "Jesus Christ," "apostle," or "angel." I can hear the conspiracy theorists now. See Brian Leport's plea that no one invent a non-existent conspiracy.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, the Vatican plans to put much of its library online in digital format. Dan Brown better hurry up and write another book before everyone realizes that the Vatican really isn't hiding anything.

Finally, while the Vatican is going high-tech, some are going in the other direction. A group of volunteers are chalking the entire New Testament on a sidewalk.

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