Monday, April 16, 2012

The Green Bible Collection

No, I am  not writing about the environmentally friendly Green Bible. What I am referring to is the massive collection of artifacts, manuscripts and Bibles owned by Steve Green, owner of the Hobby Lobby stores in the USA. Over the last 4 years Steve and Carroll Green have been buying these pieces with their collection now totaling some 50,000! You may remember that I posted on a new fragment of Romans that was discovered among the pieces collected the fragment of Mark's Gospel that Dan Wallace dates as first century is also thought to be from this collection.

Green has been generous with the collection. Much of it is being stored and cared for at Baylor University while some pieces have been touring the country. Currently, there is a display at the Vatican. You can read more about the collection at Exploring Passages.

Over at Evangelical Text Criticism, Tommy Wasserman has alerted us that Fox News has a slide show of some of the pieces. You can view the slide show here.

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