Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blog Roundup on Homosexuality and the Bible

Well, it's been a busy week in most corners of the USA when it comes to homosexuality and the Bible. Ever since amendment one was approved in North Carolina and the president announced that he thinks gay couples should be able to marry, it seems everyone including myself, have stuck in their two cents worth. I have seen a number of posts out there this week, some thoughtful, some hateful, others somewhere in between. I thought I would provide a roundup here with some of the more interesting and thought provoking conversations.

On Monday I asked when the church was really going to have a conversation about homosexuality. For the most part the comments have been affirming about the need to talk without trying to debate, but rather to explore together. There have been some comments, however, that still seem to miss the point of what it means to dialog with one another. I suspect they weren't interested in the first place.

At the Deeper Story, a post is up by an Evangelical Christian in Canada who thinks that gay marriage should be legal. Sarah has some interesting thoughts.

Jim West comes out fighting, as usual, and suggests that statements about homosexuality and slavery in the Bible can't be compared. He argues that it is poor hermenutics and that those who think that if you apply one OT law you must apply all OT laws miss the difference between ritual and moral laws. But in response to Jim, Tim at Sansblogue suggests that Jim is splitting hairs and using a tired, worn out argument that suggests one can differentiate between civil and moral law in the OT.

At the NT/History Blog Bill Heroman declares that he thinks that homosexuality is a sin, but that Christians should not stop gays from marrying.

In a completely different direction, Bob Hyatt suggests a once and forever solution to the problem. He says that the state get out of the marriage business.

And finally, Jonathan Robinson at Zenos provides a nice round up including some I have here and some others.


  1. Hyatt's got the best solution, imho, but I don't see it coming to pass... mainly because the state wouldn't be getting out of the business, but just changing terminology. In other words that still just boils down to arguing over a word. And as Bob noted himself, we may be already past the point at which that would work.

    But again, ideally, Bob's solution is best.

  2. Hyatt's solution may look good on paper and in theory, but maybe not so good on the ground. I read it yesterday and said, "Yeah!" that is plausible. Even the states' rewriting marriage law is possible. But, after reading all of the responses to Hyatt's piece and reflecting a little longer, I now am not so excited. Any solution that does not recognize full-on marriage for all people has to create a new class of people that the LGBT community will not, nor should they, accept. That being said, No, I don't have an alternative suggestion. Dr. John's observation about the lack of communication is important. Very few are actually discussing the emotional, social, ecclesial, etc. concerns in this whole matter. It's way easier to spout out useless, and usually hurtful, platitudes from all sides. The bottom line is that the issue is not going to go quietly away. We all need to suck it up and begin to treat one another as God's own and see where the Holy Spirit will lead.

  3. I'm with Mike Helbert. "We need to ... treat one another as God's own and see where the Holy Spirit will lead." I have commented on blogs before about this very subject, have tried to be respectful and honoring to those who disagree with me, and have been lashed at, demeaned, sworn at and virtually condemned to hell, simply because I happen to disagree to some of the commentary. I can't imagine the agony of a gay Christian to be treated this way by their supposed church "family", nor can I imagine being a gay non-Christian and ever wanting anything to do with the Church if this is the way Christian"love" is demonstrated.

  4. and what is your view Professor Byron?