Friday, May 18, 2012

Jesus Versus Diablo or What Would Jesus Play?

You Can't make this stuff up.

A new video game is being released this week that allows Facebook members to click their way through the life of Jesus. Here is the description of the new Journey of Jesus game.

The game asks players to click, click, click their way through an adventure which sends you on various missions that play through the story of Christ. You start by chopping down trees, repairing an overturned cart and calming a dispute to reach the Messiah and John the Baptist in the Jordan River. As the story progresses, you'll have the chance to speak to various ancient peoples, hunt for artifacts, obtain coins and, of course, send Bible quotes to all your Facebook friends.

Apparently the Christian video gamer company Lightside Games already has a Journey with Moses game, but I think I missed that one. I suppose I will soon see invites from my Facebook "friends" who want me to join in with them in another app designed to steal my time, personal information and soul. Is Farmville dead now? I don't see many requests for sheep and hay anymore?

The developers of the game are quite happy about the circumstances of the release. Another game, Diablo 3, was also released this week, but with some significant programming errors. The Jesus Journey fans are claiming a point for the forces of good. I guess in the case we would ask "could it be Jesus?"

Below is a video of the game. Please don't send me any Facebook requests to play. I will delete you from my "friends" list.

A few things I noticed while watching.

  1. Why does everyone have such big heads?
  2. They all look to be about the size of an average smurf.
  3. Why does the devil have blonde hair? 

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