Monday, May 21, 2012

Yet More on The Gospel of Mark Fragment

A few months back I posted a note on a supposed first century fragment of Mark's Gospel. As the months have gone by little information has been forthcoming. You will remember that Dan Wallace made the announcement about the Mark fragment during a debate with Bart Ehrman.

Now a video interview has been released in which Dan Wallace details a bit more about the fragment as well as the others that were found including some of Paul's letters. This is all very exciting, but again, until the fragment is published and studied by a number of scholars it is hard to know what to think. The video below has an element of apologetics to it which is also concerning since it seems like the discovery is being held up as proof for the veracity of the New Testament, but I have my doubts it will do that. Only time and study will help us determine the significance of the discovery.

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