Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting Salted in the Land of the Hittites

Today we left Cappadocia and headed to Ankara, the capital of Turkey. We didn't stop at any biblical sites, but we did visit the salt lake and the Anatolian Civilization Museum.

The salt lake was interesting. It is much larger than the Dead Sea, but it is also very shallow. In fact the water was not more than a few inches high. Apparently the lake is no more than 10 centimeters high at its deepest. Also different than the Dead Sea is the makeup of the bottom. The Dead Sea is very rocky, this however is nothing but rock salt that crushes under your feet when you walk. Here is a pic of us standing in the water.

We are standing in water on salt, not snow.

Another stop we made was at the Anatolian Civilization Museum.  Unfortunately, much  the museum is closed due to remodeling. But we were able to get into the rooms with the Hittite display.

Anatolian Mother Goddess

Tomorrow we head to Bursa and then back to Istanbul on Thursday to fly him.

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