Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stopping Unwanted Resurrections: Vampire Proofing a Grave

Last week I had two posts on resurrection from two scholars who are on opposite sides of the debate. Today, I ran across this article. Not really about resurrection or the New Testament, but interesting nonetheless. 

Archaeology often leads to some odd finds, but this one is new to me. A team in Bulgaria has discovered two graves that were "vampire proofed." Here is a bit of the article from Archaeology Magazine

Among more than 600 rather typical graves found in a church graveyard in the Bulgarian Black Sea town of Sozopol were a pair of skeletons bearing witness that at least two of the town’s inhabitants were thought to require special treatment after death. One of the skeletons had a plowshare-like object driven through the left side of his rib cage, while the other had an unidentifiable metal object in his solar plexus. According to archaeologist Dimitar Nedev, head of the Sozopol Archaeological Museum, who found the skeletons, these burials are evidence of protection against vampirism—the belief that the dead would leave their graves.

I wonder if they used silver bullets if they thought you were a werewolf?

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