Friday, October 26, 2012

Did Jesus believe he was divine?

Yesterday I posted the debate on the resurrection of Jesus between Michael Licona and Dale Martin. Today I am posting the second debate which focuses on whether or not Jesus thought he was divine.

The video is 2 hours long. Michael Licona and Dale Martin each speak for about 30 minutes followed by a 30 minute round table discussion and then 15 minutes of questions from the audience.

Spoiler alert, Craig Evans only makes a 5 minute cameo appearance at the end. The YouTube screen shot here is a bit misleading if you are hoping to see an extended conversation between the three.

HT: Brian Leport

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  1. If you eliminate John as a source, it sure isn't as easy to demonstrate.

    Matthew 21:16, 22:41-45, 23:39, 24:30& 26:64(gotta know ANE "cloud rider" views to know why) 28:18 are some examples of Jesus laying claim to divinity.

    Him accepting and accentuating the title "son of man" seems to me to be a claim of divinity if we assume Jesus was well versed in Daniel's theology and the ANE views of a "cloud rider"

    Luke 19:44, 24:47.

    All debateable of course.