Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dog Falls in Hole and Makes Archaeological Discovery

Stop me if you have heard this one before. A man and his dog are walking in a park. The dog falls into a hole. When the man jumps in to rescue the dog he discovers that he is in an ancient wine press. 

Sorry, there is no punchline because it's not a joke. Although archaeologists prefer to excavate in "squares" using meticulous methodologies, sometimes things are discovered by complete accident. Arutz Sheva is reporting the following. 

Ancient wine presses have been found in Jerusalem – and will soon be part of a new park – thanks to a resident of Ramot who walked his dog several years ago. The dog fell into a hole and had to be rescued. It later turned out that there are more holes in the vicinity, and that a meaningful archaeological discovery had been made. 
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat recently inaugurated the designated park, which is planned to become an open Biblical tourist park. The park, which will occupy 30,250 square meters, is located north of Jerusalem Park and northwest of Mitzpe Naftoakh nature park. 
Among the discoveries at the location are wine presses from the days of the First Temple, as well as pottery shards and two bronze coins from the Second Temple times. Massive digging at the location has been carried out by the authorities with the participation of local residents and school children 
A full reconstruction of the wine presses is planned, under the supervision of renowned archaeologist Amichai Mazar.

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No animals were injured during the writing of this post. 

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