Monday, October 1, 2012

God is Not Only a Father: Book Notice

My fellow blogger and biblical studies colleague, Tim Bulkeley has written a new book about how we understand God. The title of the book is Not Only a Father: Talk of God as Mother in the Bible and Christian Tradition

Here is the blurb.

The God of the Bible is not a member of any class of comparable beings. Beyond and other than all gods and every creature, God is not gendered. However, Christian language for God and the pictures we use to help us talk about God are predominantly male. Among the pictures one of the most often used and appreciated is ‘father’. Yet God (unlike many of the gods of the ancient world) is not only a father. The Bible and the early Christian theologians used motherly as well as fatherly language and pictures to speak of God. In this way at least their image of God was richer and deeper than ours! This book encourages readers to appropriate this wider range of pictures of what God is like, and to learn again to relate to a God who is beyond all imagining and closer than life itself. This God is not only a father!

You can buy the book either as a paperback at Amazon for $15.00 or you can read it online and interact with what Tim has to say by leaving comments. As James McGrath notes, this may be the future of books. 

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