Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have you actually read the Bible? Pic of the Day

This picture has been going around Facebook. It is a quote from Rachel Held Evans' new book Biblical Womanhood. I haven't read the new book yet, but I am reading Monkey Town and finding that I really like the way she thinks. I have appreciated her blog and now her books.

I think this quote is spot on. While many people read the Bible, I wonder how much of it they digest. What I means is, if you are not finding some parts not only spiritually challenging, but at times offensive then I wonder if you have really absorbed some parts.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that there are not times that we should be "offended" by the Bible in such a way that it drives us to bring our life into balance before God and other human beings. But there are also some passages that are really hard to take because the world of the Bible is so different than our own. If those parts don't trouble you then I ask the same question Rachel asks: "Have you actually read the Bible?"

If you have then you know the tension we experience of discovering the Bible to be what can only be described as the "words of life" as well as some "stuff" that just doesn't seem like it should fall under the definition of "divine inspiration." But that, I suppose, is part of the journey.

HT: James McGrath via Facebook.


  1. For me, the most uncomfortable words in the bible were spoken by Jesus when he said that unless we take up our cross and follow him we cannot be his disciple. Although uncomfortable, these words resonate and I hope to keep them before me throughout my life as a reminder and a motivator to be more diligent and regularly do what he did. I think people (if others are like me) can easily become comfortably numb. These words can help wake people out of their spiritual stupor.

  2. I've had parts freak me out for various reasons over the years.

    The science versus Gen. 1 creation debates. Joshua and the "herem", slavery, inequality of females,etc.

    I'm not the type who can ignore questions, so I wondered. Over the years, I've felt like God gave me lots of answers.

    With some exceptions, Jesus answered them. IF something is in the text and it seems below the standard of Christ, then it should not be understood as a teaching to the audience, rather it should be seen as something Yahweh tolerated for the greater goal of bringing forth Christ to earth.

  3. It is in a castle in Switzerland espescially designed as the new temple of Isreal by Knights Templars who retrieved it from the crusades that were started for this porpose..It will be brought forth by the exilarch of Isreal ; paraclesis of Christ so as to eliminate any confusion as to who does indeed rule this planet as Christ and His Holy Father have indecated in the Book. The redemer shall tryumph over all confusion and evel as he mounts a war against ignorance of exterestrial alien rule over earth's governments. His last name will identify His lineage from Isaac through the kings of Isreal to the presant day royal line of the meravingians. So there it is rightious people of our true GOD! Amen.