Thursday, January 10, 2013

Strengthening the Samaritans with Mail Order Brides

Many people don't realize that the Samaritan community we read about in the New Testament is still in existence. To this day they live on Mount Gerizim in the West Bank. I wrote a post last April about the time Lori and I visited there to attend the Samaritan Passover

The Samaritans are a people who keep to themselves. So much so that there is a high-rate of birth defects among them. But over the past few decades they have been opening up to the outside world.

One new way that they are opening up to the world is by allowing the men in the community to marry women from the Ukraine. In an interesting article Aljazeera explains how the need to strengthen the community and prevent birth defects has caused the Samaritan community to embrace love and marriage in a very modern way.

Read the article here. The below video provides a good overview of the community and the challenges it faces.

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