Thursday, March 21, 2013

SBL/AAR - The Society for Beer Lovers & Assorted Academic Research

For those of you who attend SBL/AAR every year and love beer, I think John Anthony Dunne and Chris Brewer have an excellent idea. .

Here is their idea:

An informal reception for members of SBL/AAR looking to re-connect with old friends, and meet new ones, while sharing craft beers from around the world.

DescriptionThe best part of SBL/AAR is that they're an opportunity to re-connect with old friends and meet new ones. And there's no shortage of receptions, and plenty to drink, but seriously, is Heineken the best we can do?
Because we believe that every square inch includes every last drop we've decided to host an informal gathering of SBL/AAR attendees where folks can drink and share their favorite craft beers.
Here's the deal: Bring a 6-pack of craft beer to share from home. Maybe it's a regional brewery, something that's tough to get your hands on or a seasonal release. The idea is that we all get to try some stuff we might not otherwise get to try.
$5 cover (to help cover future room rental)
Featured Presenter John Anthony Dunne on his forthcoming book – The Mountains Shall Drip Sweet Wine: A Biblical Theology of Alcohol (Zondervan)
Spread the word, and bring some good stuff to share.
On a side note, if any of you have an academic interest in alcohol in the Bible, the broader ancient world, or theology, we'd also like to include a few other short talks (approx. 10 minutes), so send an brief abstract of 100 words to and

I am in! I wonder if they would mine if I brought some home brew?

Be sure to like their page Society for Beer Lovers & Assorted Academic Research on Facebook pass the word. 

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  1. Yes! Please bring some home brews! I'll do the same : )
    -John Dunne, SBLAAR