Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stephen Colbert on the Bible Miniseries

I have yet to see any episodes of the History Channel's miniseries The Bible. It's not that I am boycotting or otherwise avoiding the series. It's not that I am uninterested or theologically or philosophically opposed to it. No it is something darker and even more sinister. I am one of the few Americans who refuses to pay for cable television. That's right, not only am I unable to watch the Walking Dead, I am also not one of them!

I will get around to watching the series at some point in the future. I have an interest in the way the Bible is portrayed in film. But I won't pay to do so via cable nor will I purchase it when it comes out on DVD. I will wait until my public library has a copy and then I will borrow it.

Over the last few weeks I have heard both good and bad about the series. There are lots of opinions and you know the old saying. But one take on the series that I enjoyed was that of Stephen Colbert. He seems to not like the series. Or to be more precise, I don't think he likes the hype related to it. See what you think.

HT LA Times.


  1. Love Colbert. I do find it ridiculous that they are coming out with a book about the bible miniseries. I'm curious to see if it is actually a book written by Burnett or if it is a bible with the miniseries cover.

  2. if you are that cheap go to youtube and watch it for free.

  3. For what it's worth, here's why I'm watching it...despite being frustrated by it.

  4. watch the bible mini series here: