Friday, March 22, 2013

Why the King James Bible is better than the Originals

Over the years I have either read about or encountered those who are commonly referred to as "King James only" people. These Christians and/or churches refuse to read anything other than the King James Bible and consider all other translations to be inferior.

On some occasions, when asked by members of this group, I have offered some reasons why the King James Bible is not the "only reliable" Bible. While it was a fine translation in its day and is the ancestor to the NAS and NRSV, it has simply gone beyond its shelf life. We have better translations based on better manuscript evidence. Of course many don't agree with my explanations and try to counter my arguments with statements about Textus Receptus, which I am pretty sure they think is some type of dinosaur.

But the following seven reasons offered as to why the King James Bible is better than the originals is new to me. The logic is, well . . .

Like James Mcgrath, who pointed this out to me, I thought this was a joke. But it seems to be very serious. Not much better is the other list which explains why the KJB is better than other translations.

I guess I hadn't realize the importance of having Lucifer's name in the Bible. And thank goodness the KJB has some extra verses that are missing in other translations and, I might add, are missing from the originals as well.

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  1. Well, since the KJV is better than the originals, then it would seem to reason that the originals are inferior since they are missing some verses.

  2. For some more entertainment, do a youtube search for Sam Gipp. Tons more of this kind of stuff.

  3. I'm Confused How These People Exist

  4. Jeremiah 36:23 does not have God destroying the originals on purpose. We do not know if the scroll was an original because Jeremiah could have dictated another one as well and kept it for safe keeping.

  5. Then why in the world did I study Greek and Hebrew when I could have studied archaic English? I guess they are all dead languages.

  6. You say that those verses are missing from the originals. According to you what originals if they so call not exist. And to what originals would you be referring to? for there are corrupt manuscripts, e.g. the Greek Codex Sinaiticus, Vaticanus,

  7. 1.)If there are no originals today, how would they be superior to KJV that we do have today?
    2.)Jesus didn't use the originals. He used copies of copies of copies of a translation.
    3.)From the first time the devil appears in the Bible he questions God's words to deceive God's creations and mis-quotes God multiple times after that. He is the god of this world and has been here from the beginning and is still here on this earth. Do you think he has left God's word completely unadulterated over all these years?