Friday, April 12, 2013

Need a place to spread your ashes? Why not send them to the Holy Land?

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You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Death is that one event in life that we can't avoid. But we can and often do plan for it. Pre-planning of funerals has become more popular as individuals decide they don't want to leave the arrangements to their loved ones. At the same time, pre-planning allows for the individual to be involved with the plans and to design, if you will, how they want to go out.

One thing to consider when thinking about a funeral is how and where to have one's remains deposited. One can be buried in the ground, buried at sea or cremated. While options one and two are usually restricted by local health and zoning laws, option three allow for more variety. Ashes of the deceased can be stored at home in an urn (Meet the Fockers), or spread at a the deceased's favorite location (a lake, park, or the back garden). 

Now, for the devout Christian, there is an opportunity to have one's ashes spread in the Holy Land. Check out this video from CNN.

Here is a bit from the article.

Company president Larry Deverett says he has found the perfect spot for people of the Christian faith to have their own or their loved ones cremated remains scattered.
The spot is located in a small garden in an orchard on a hill above the Sea of Galilee, the area where the New Testament says Jesus prayed, taught and performed many miracles including walking on water.
“I researched the market and found that there is a strong need and demand for this type of service and the No. 1 location on the planet, when you are talking about spirituality, is the Holy Land,” Deverett said.
"There are literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of urns sitting in people's homes, and people really don't know what to do with those ashes. You know at some point in time whether they are moving or after a few years they want to do something proper with the ashes," he said.
For $750 after cremation, you can have your ashes shipped and scattered near the “Jesus Trail,” where a bearded man resembling a person right out of the Bible performs a ceremony. It is all put on a DVD and sent to the family.
At one time it was popular to plant a tree in Israel. Now you can plant a loved one. 
Sigh, you can't make this stuff up! 

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