Thursday, May 16, 2013

Four Sisters in Rome: The Story of Domitia, Domitia and Domitia

Life in ancient Rome is sometimes romanticized. While the glory that was one time Rome has now faded and left behind only ruins of what once was, Hollywood does a good job of promoting the might and glory of ancient Rome.

While we know much about Rome's emperors, military conquests and building projects, we know much less about the lives of women. We hear snippets here and there how women lived and worked in the empire, but almost all of our information comes from men.

In the short video below, the narrator explains what a day would be like for three young sisters living in Rome. It is an informative piece. But keep in mind that this is a day in the life of a wealthy person, not one who lives in the poverty ridden sections of Rome. If you enjoy this video try the one below it on a day in the life of a teenager in Rome. That video focuses on the life of the poor in Rome.

HT: Brain Leport