Thursday, August 14, 2014

What's your opinion of the Bible's historical accuracy?

What people think about the Bible varies.

Some would say that it contains accurate history. Others disagree and suggest that while it contains history, it shouldn't all be taken literally. And then some think nothing in the Bible is historically accurate.

A recent Gallup poll of more than a thousand American adults offered three different attitudes toward the Bible’s historical accuracy, as follows; after the question we give the percentage of people who agreed with the particular viewpoint (totaling 96 percent; 4 percent had no opinion):

What is your opinion? Biblical Archaeology Review is running on an online poll you can participate in.  Click here to cast your vote

Do take the poll, but perhaps leave a comment below whether you fit in category 1, 2, or 3.


  1. I'm a 2. I used to be a 1, but, I recovered.

  2. I guess 28% have gouged out their eyes and cut off their hands for falling into sin. For me it would depend on what they mean by "literal". There are things in the Bible that are descriptive and things that are prescriptive.