Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Passing of Charles E. B. Cranfield (1915-2015)

The world of New Testament studies is mourning the passing of another important scholar.

Word is spreading that professor Charles E. B. Cranfield has passed away. I am not sure of his exact birth date, but he either was or was very close to 100 years old.

Cranfield was professor of New Testament at Durham University. He is probably best known for his commentaries on Paul's Letter to the Romans and the Gospel of Mark.

I only met Cranfield once during my time at Durham. Unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to have much of a conversation with him. But others who followed me at Durham did have the chance to sit down and have coffee with him. You can read about the experiences of Ben Blackwell and Nijay Gupta.

I wish I had known he liked coffee!

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